How To Spot A Real Estate Market Turnaround in 2013!


Real estate sales are very seasonal – we have the spring and fall markets, winter can be slow and then there are the summer doldrums. In fact sales from the slowest to highest month can vary by 250% in a single year. That’s why market watchers always compare sales in any one month to the sales of the same month a year ago. But you need to analyze more than just that.

In reviewing the 2012 condo market, sales were strong for the first four months, stalled, and then recorded month over month sales declines of 20-30% every month over the last half of the year as compared to 2011. For the first four months of 2013, condo sales will still be lower than for the same month in 2012. Most experts will come to the conclusion that the market is still going down! But the true test is to…

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Home Inspection: Is It Necessary For A Closing?

Once you find your dream home in Oregon that you want to purchase, it is sometimes a little easier to drop the home inspection clause from the transaction to entice the seller on your offer. Unfortunately this is not always the ideal situation as it could come back to haunt you later on.This is the reason that an Agreement of Purchase and Sale includes a clause regarding a home inspection. This is included for your peace of mind and security.

Without this clause, you may be missing detrimental issues on your dream home that could come back to haunt you once the transaction is complete and you now own a home with multiple problems. It is wise to consider the risk of potential troubles and expensive repairs before you alienate the clause from the final contract. The risk is no where near the amount that you could save if, for instance, the roof is needing multiple repairs costing a few thousand dollars.

What Will A Home Inspection Contain

A qualified home inspector will examine the possible trouble areas in the home, including electrical, roofing, plumbing, heating/air conditioning, foundation and septic systems. With this home inspection, you will be in a better state to access the entire situation of the home before making a final decision. Just like any major money transaction, time and research must be spent to ensure that this is the perfect home for you to purchase.

At the Godfrey Real Estate Group, we match our buyers up with homes that fit their budget and encompass exactly what they are desiring. With a wide arrange of properties in our current home inventory, your dream home is just a click away. Check out our website and find that gorgeous property you can’t take your eyes off of!

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Market Snapshot-Crown Heights Oklahoma City

Great News for Oklahoma Means Great News For Everywhere!

Real Estate News and Information for Central OKC

Crown Heights is a historic neighborhood located in North Central Oklahoma City.  It sits between Western and I-235 between NW 36th and NW 45th.  The neighborhood is extremely diverse in regards to house styles, sizes, and ages.

The neighborhood is located in a great part of the city.  It features easy access to I-235 as well as I-44 which make for an easy commute to any part of the Oklahoma City area.  The location is also a benefit to the neighborhood because of the easy access to the Western Ave. Business district, Nichols Hills amenities, Belle Isle, the rapidly developing Uptown district, and a number of other great parts of the metro.  For community information including school ratings, area demographics, crime rates and much more you can check out this link.  Community Information.

Real estate in Crown Heights is a highly sought after by many people in…

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Shrinking Inventory: What Does It Mean For Sellers?

Shrinking inventory in the Kansas City metro does not mean that the end is near!


Over the past few months, the Kansas City metro has seen shrinking inventory in most areas. We have also seen sales up anywhere from 10-20% from the previous year (depending on the area). So what does this mean for home sellers?

There is a definite shift going on right now in our local market. Inventory of new & existing homes is at a level we haven’t seen for quite some time. This means that if you are thinking about selling your home right now and you are realistic about your price, now is as good a time as any to list your house. With fewer homes on the market and home sales continuing to pick up, your competition is going to be lower, while the buyer demand still exists. Inventory rates indicate that this is no longer a buyers market. Take a look at inventory numbers over the past year…

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Keller Williams Family Reunion: What Can We Learn?

With Keller Williams Family Reunion being hosted in Dallas, Texas this coming February 16-20, the Godfrey Real Estate Team is looking to come back with the knowledge and passion that has upheld Keller Williams Realty as the elite real estate company to work for.  Even after over 35 years of service as a real estate agent, every year we are looking for ways to improve for our clients.  This year is no different.  With multiple training options available over the five day period, we have compiled a few of our favorites to look forward to in order to add a higher level of customer service for our clients.

A few of our favorite sessions to come include:

  • A Taste of Mega Technology Camp
  • Special Speaker – JR Martinez
  • Gary Keller Special Session

As a team that prides itself on bringing together only the highest quality of customer satisfaction, we can learn from all three of these trainings.  The mega technology camp will enable us to further satisfy our clients with increase marketing for their listing or buying needs.  With more emphasis on getting the homes to potential buyers, we are looking to intensify our marketing output ten fold with new ideas from Family Reunion.

After hearing a story of a lifetime, JR Martinez is at the top of our list to hear speak.  It is one thing to be a top agent in the Keller Williams family, but hearing this speaker could allow us to push ourselves to the limits.  Undoubtedly the number one priority for our to do list! If his speech is anything like we have seen from him on Dancing with the Stars, we already know it will be a life changer.

Keller Williams Family Reunion: A Time To Learn

Finally, no Family Reunion would not be the same without seeing the man behind the company, Gary Keller.  As a technical, Multibillion mega agent, Mr. Keller is one of a kind.  We have spent countless hours reading his books, the Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Shift and now The One Thing, that we are ecstatic to hear what great news he may have for this coming 2013.  It is always a blessing to hear him speak about his passion for real estate and that passion drives us to be better agents.  Real Estate is not our career, but our excitement.  As wise man once said, “If you enjoy what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”  Gary Keller is a reminder to all of us that we are not working, we are enjoying our play time with profitable rewards.

With Family Reunion coming this month, it is plain to see that we are ecstatic to see all of the agents from around the country.  Keller Williams Realty is a unique company to be a part of and this is undoubtedly a major reason why.  We look forward to coming back even wiser than we left and will be enthralled to use that passion for success towards all of our potential clients for buying and selling homes.  If you can feel the drive for success as we can, feel free to visit our website at You won’t be upset that you did.

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