How To Spot A Real Estate Market Turnaround in 2013!


Real estate sales are very seasonal – we have the spring and fall markets, winter can be slow and then there are the summer doldrums. In fact sales from the slowest to highest month can vary by 250% in a single year. That’s why market watchers always compare sales in any one month to the sales of the same month a year ago. But you need to analyze more than just that.

In reviewing the 2012 condo market, sales were strong for the first four months, stalled, and then recorded month over month sales declines of 20-30% every month over the last half of the year as compared to 2011. For the first four months of 2013, condo sales will still be lower than for the same month in 2012. Most experts will come to the conclusion that the market is still going down! But the true test is to…

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