Should you always take a listing?




Today’s blog – Take the listing? 

By: Tara-Nicole Nelson – guest blogger

Date: 2/6/13

This was too good not to repost for Tara… she sums up nicely some of the pitfalls that can occur, and things to watch for, BEFORE you actually take the listing! Worth a read…


Psychological Red Flags That Mean You Should Not Take the Listing

Every agent knows that being an armchair therapist is part of the job. You have to hold the space for people to make major decisions about their money, their homes, their families and their lives in the context of the transaction they work with you on.  In the process, we often are called upon to help them think through things or, at the very least, to as they process them.

In the course of this necessary process, agents often witness a seller going from one extreme position to another…

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