The Godfrey Real Estate Group: 6 Steps to Buying a Home

6 Steps to Buying a Home the Right Way

It is now 2013 and home buyers are coming out of the wood-work daily. What most people do not know though is the long and enduring process of buying a home. It can be taxing and down right strenuous when you try to complete this feat alone. With the help of the Godfrey Real Estate Group, we have composed 6 steps to complete when buying a home.

1. Don’t buy if you can’t stay put.

Only commit to purchasing a home if you are positive that you will stay put for a few years. With the amount of time and commitment involved in owning, taking care of and paying for your property, a long term investment is necessary.

2. Start by increasing your credit.

A mortgage is a necessity when buying a home. Start by increasing your credit any way how in order to get a better interest rate. And remember, always pay towards the principal when you have extra cash to pay.

3. Aim for a home within your budget.

2.5 times your annual salary is the ideal range that you can afford. To be safe, stick to the lower end of that spectrum. The less you own, the less you will have to pay. Know your budget and do not over pay.

4. If you can’t put down the usual 20 percent, a loan is still a possibility.

Just because you are not able to put down the industry standard 20 percent does not mean that you are out of luck. Speak with your realtor and see what you can do about the loan.

5. Buy in a district with good schools.

Strong school districts always help your property value. Even though this may be a long term purchase, you must think about the future and any possible variables that could come your way.

6. Get professional help.

A professional Keller Williams Sunset Corridor agent is always the best bet when purchasing a home. Even home buyers that are more experienced in the process will still run in to unprecedented issues that were unforeseen. Use a realtor and save the hassle.

As you can see, purchasing a home is a large time consuming commitment that can be over-whelming for anyone to tackle alone. At the Godfrey Real Estate Group, we allow our buyers and sellers to enjoy an easy transition from home to home as we will handle all the work for you. Don’t make the mistake countless Americans do daily, hire an experienced realtor and enjoy how smooth the process really is!

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