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Why For Sale By Owner Will Cost Your More Money Than An Agent – The Godfrey Real Estate Group

For Sale By Owner homes sales have decreased immensely over the past few decades to under 10% of all home sellers using this very unpopular method. With the housing market currently a bidding war on all homes for sale, we are scared some home owners may try to sell their current house as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Maybe we should look at why this idea is not exactly the most efficient when moving.

A very well-known axiom is as follows: “The attorney who represents himself is dumb and has a fool as a client.” If this holds true for an attorney, then we can conclude that the same can be considered for any Portland home owner who sells as a For Sale by Owner (FSBO). In today’s extremely volatile market, you need an experienced professional in the field of real estate, and that is where the Godfrey Real Estate Group comes in! You and your family deserve to have a skilled negotiator who has meticulously worked in this field for countless years. In today’s very competitive offer driven market, hiring a talented negotiator could in fact end up saving you up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Each step of the way from the first time offer, to the unfortunate possible cancellation of the deal based on a troubled appraisal, you very much so need a talented Portland Real Estate Agent who can keep the deal together until the very end.

The Godfrey Real Estate GroupHere is a list of just a few of the people with whom the Godfrey Real Estate Group will more than likely negotiate with on your behalf:

§ The buyer

§ The buyers agent

§ The buyers attorney

§ The home inspection company

§ The termite company

§ The buyers lender

§ The appraiser

§ The title company

§ The town or municipality

§ The buyers buyer

§ Your bank (in the case of a short sale)

Bottom Line…  You need a great Portland real estate negotiator to succeed in what you are looking for. The Godfrey Real Estate Group holds true that famous sayings become famous because they are factual. You will always get what you ultimately pay for. A good real estate agent in the long run will save you money, time, and effort, even when paying the commission they deserve.

With the Godfrey Real Estate Group, we have closed numerous transactions in the Portland Oregon area, enabling us to be a 5 Star Realtor for 3 years running. The more that we work, the better we get at negotiating. Our ONE Thing is real estate. Let us help you sell or purchase a home and see how easy working with the Godfrey Real Estate Group truly can be!