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Looking To Sell Your Home Fast? Try These Tips!

Ask any real estate agent in the Portland, Oregon area and they will all say the same thing. The number one goal when taking on a listing is to Get The Listing Sold Fast! Working with the right Portland real estate agent can make or break the transaction. This is where the Godfrey Real Estate Group comes in. Here are a few items that can help with the process.


The seller should willingly be able to allow access to the home, condo, or apartment for any potential purchasers if they are realistically looking to sell fast. The more that the seller is unable to allow this to occur, the more likely the property will stay on the market even longer, potentially leading to less sales and even less value. Although Portland’s current market calls for fast sales and high turnaround, it would be wise to still stick with the tried and true method of traditional selling.


People make their first impressions based solely on the look and feel of the Portland home for sale. The better it looks, the better you look. Wax the floors, paint the walls, get rid of the old debri in any room and show the property. Whether looking to lease or sell, it doesn’t matter, presentation is key to the success of the transaction. The more presentable the home is, the more likely it is to sell fast.


Now has never been a better time to sell as the market is recovering, inventory is low and the prices are rising daily. We have heard this enough times to understand that yes, now is a great time to sell. The only issue is whether or not the buyer has available funds to purchase. This is where financing comes in. A good mortgage on the property can make or break any Portland real estate sale. Make sure that the buyer is serious when looking to purchase your property and allow them ample time to get the finances in order. This is tedious, we know, but a necessity when making the sale.


The price is always right. Even Bob Barker and Drew Carey could tell you that selling Portland real estate is all dependent on the price. Now in this current sellers market, negotiating may not be necessary and the listing price may actually end up being too low. That’s not a bad issue to have after all. The old marketing saying goes “put the price just below where the consumer won’t pay for it”. This will increase your profits and bring a happy seller, buyer and lender.

How to Make Grout Cleaning Easier?

Supa Tiles

Grout cleaning may not seem to be a very important task but only a few know it’s vital role in keeping tiles and natural stones at place. Grout cleaning may become extremely difficult when the volume of dirt, fungi and bacteria collected becomes very high. Here are some proven facts that help to make the task of grout cleaning easier than ever before:



  • Grout Sealing: Grout being a porous material has a tendency of being stained from dirt and liquids that it absorbs. The best way to prevent stains and discoloration of products would be to seal the grout. Today, the market is inundated with different types of sealants available at reasonable prices. Spending a little extra amount on your grout will help increase the life of your product. Grout sealers and stone sealers are very commonly used.
  • Make Use of House-Hold Items: There are…

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Mind Resin in Your Marble and Granite Flooring

Supa Tiles

Natural stones are made conspicuously by manufacturers. However, when you order natural stones you simply can’t guarantee that the product will reach your home in one piece and in the best possible way. Stone sealers are the first choice when it comes to protection of stones. After the use of stone sealers you can use resins. If you want to treat damaged granite and marble, the use of resin is advised.

ImageThe resin curing industry is more than a decade old. The use of resin comes with numerous issues like small cracks, imperfections and holes. Resins penetrate into cracks and holes to bring back not only the immaculate shape of the stone but also enhance the appearance of it.

It is resin that has helped make stone countertops easily available in the market. The use of resin is one of the main reasons that has triggered the use…

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DIY: Air chandelier

her things


Sometimes one needs a good and simple idea to pimp up a party room. If you want to make it easy and impressive, I think this idea is for you: some balloons, appropriated pictures for the event, a helium bottle…and it’s done!

If you want to do it yourself, just follow those instructions. Have fun!

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How To Contact Milennials Looking For Portland Real Estate

As real estate agents, we don’t just sell residential real estate. We ultimately sell our time. Our actual job is to spend our time to work diligently with all of our clients. During our communication with our clients, we demonstrate why we are better suited to list their Portland Real Estate in comparison to our competitors.

Communication between real estate agents looking to rent or sell commercial properties to the millennial generation is crucial on this current and upcoming rise in the market.

When millennials are looking to purchase new homes in Portland, keep these ideas in mind:

1. Speed

Speed is crucial when dealing with the millennial generation. It is stated that on average, you must return an internet lead within 2 minutes to even have a shot at gaining that client. During any business day, you must call the lead within 10-15 minutes of the time they speak to you and if you have additional information on the market trends, properties or potential office spaces they may want to look at, then you need to tell them immediately. Millennials value time and how fast they can communicate. Whether it is through email, phone calls, text messaging or any other way, remember to speak to them as fast as possible.

2. Information

Knowing the newest properties to hit the market is not your best arsenal anymore. Since the invention of the internet and access to the listings at the palm of the clients hands, this should not be your major selling tool. Display the fact that you are a seasoned veteran, know how to negotiate, work tirelessly for the client and have a wealth of knowledge about all things real estate related to gain their trust. Portland real estate agents are easy to find, you need to stand out from the crowd. Display all the information you can and you will be the only agent that they want working with them. 

3. Mediums

Texting, calling, emailing, video chatting and face to face conversations top the list of mediums of communication. Nothing truly beats face to face, but let’s face it, meeting on a daily basis where time is money is not always a possibility. Most millennials have unlimited texting and unlimited minutes on their cell phone. Staying in contact with them even through a text message is sometimes enough to keep them satisfied and up-to-date on all of the things going on around them. Purchasing a new Oregon home or renting a home is a big money transaction and the more that you can stay in touch with them to make this a smooth transaction, the better. Millennials are constantly in communication with one another and you should be too. Work hard to find the best way(s) to stay in touch with your buyers and sellers and you’ll find more business with millennials than you could have imagined. Oregon real estate is back on the map and these buyers/ sellers are storming the market daily.

What I am trying to say is, you must learn how Millennials communicate. You must understand that the internet was there for them before you were and they will take every opportunity to use it. Provide your negotiation skills in a professional manner and you will be displayed as a strong agent from here forward.

Technology never takes steps backwords, it only continually grows – much like the generations that have abruptly become our business base.

Stats Show That Real Estate Prices Are On The Rise

After the Portland real estate market, as well as the Oregon real estate market, witnessed the housing bubble ‘pop just over a few short years ago, many potential buyers are still a little hesitant to pull the trigger on their new home purchase. Today though, we will go into detail that the ultimately greatest risk a potential Portland home buyer can take as of right now is actually waiting to purchase that dream home. We of course realize that each and every purchaser ideally would like to be able to get the greatest amount for their purchase. Everyone wants a great price and the lowest possible mortgage interest rate available as those two items combined will determine the monthly cost that their family will ultimately pay. Lets take a quick look at each one:

Are real estate prices rising?

Just earlier this week, the Case Shiller Pricing Index was released. The index showed that United States real estate prices have increased by 10.2% over the previous twelve months. During May though, the Home Price Expectation Survey was shown predicting that overall real estate values would still increase by at least an additional 3.5% for each of the next five years. If you were waiting for the absolute bottom of the home price declines, you already missed it.

Are interest rates in fact rising?

In accordance to Freddie Macs Weekly Primary Mortgage Market Survey, the current 30 year mortgage rate has shot up to 3.81% this previous week alone the highest level in over a year. This is a huge increase of over a half of a percentage point in the last six months. And the Mortgage Bankers Association, Fannie Mae and the National Association of Realtors are all currently predicting that interest rates will continue to dramtically rise over the next eighteen months.


Purchasing a home in Portland is better done now than later! Portland real estate is on the rise and the longer you wait, the more you can actually lose out on saving. It is a bidding war out there and selling your home has never been a better time. Buy now and sell now for the best possible price on your amazing home.

Komen Cancels 3-Day Walk in D.C., Cites Low Numbers

Not what we like to see!


DALLAS (CBSDC/AP) — Susan G. Komen for the Cure is canceling half of its three-day charity walks next year — including one in D.C. — because of a drop in participation levels, a spokeswoman for the Dallas-based breast cancer organization said Wednesday.

The announcement comes about a year and a half after Komen experienced intense backlash after news became public of its decision to stop giving grants to Planned Parenthood for breast screenings. The funding was restored days later, though it didn’t quell the controversy.

In addition to dropping D.C., Komen said its Susan G. Komen 3-Day will not return next year to Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Phoenix, San Francisco and Tampa Bay. Seven other such walks will still be held next year in Atlanta, the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the Detroit area, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle and in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Participation in the three-day events has declined 37 percent…

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Poll: Americans Are Less Happy Now Than They Were in 2011


If happiness is a state of mind, then it looks like Americans need to change their outlook.

Happiness — particularly among minorities, recent graduates and the disabled — has declined in the U.S. over the past two years, according to the latest Harris Poll Happiness Index.

In an online survey of 2,345 adults, only 36% of African-Americans gave answers that classified them as “very happy” — a slump from 44% in 2011, when the last Happiness Index was conduct. That’s comparable to 34% of whites. Roughly the same decrease in happiness was observed in Hispanic Americans, with only 28% identifying as “very happy”. The lower percentage on the later group, the poll points out, could be attributed to the ongoing (and highly contentious) immigration debate.

(MORE6 Unique Ways to Be Successful and Happy)

Not surprisingly, the happiness of college graduates also dipped slightly over the past…

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