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The Godfrey Real Estate Group: Buying or Renting Homes in Oregon?

Renting or Buying Homes in Oregon: Which is Better?

Even with the improvement to the housing market, Americans are more willing to rent than they are to own currently.

Portland, Oregon residents are still looking in to owning a home, but the current idea of renting has made them very infatuated with the idea instead. 57% of American’s do believe that “buying has become less appealing,” and 54% are now becoming convinced that “renting has become more appealing” than it ever was previously.

Also, 45% of home owners, nearly half of all owners, believe that they will be renting some time in the near future.

Even with the recent news that the Portland housing market is reaching record highs in the past six years,  approximately 8 in 10 residents still believe that the United States is in the midst of the crisis. “The effects of the housing crisis, combined with longer-term lifestyle changes, seem to have created a more realistic view of the risks and benefits of home ownership”, Rebecca Naser, a vice president at Hart Research, said in a conference call about the findings.

It is now shown that approximately two-thirds of the country believes that housing should be split between renting and owning.

It is also noted that 61% of Portland home owners believe that renters can still live the American dream as well as they could owning a home.

Are you now pro renting or pro owning? Has the recent turn of events changed your mind?

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